Online Homeschooling

An exclusive home program
An exclusive program designed for kid with learning deficits, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, or learning difficulties.
Adaptive Learning Paths
Personalized curriculum and teaching styles that adapt to each child’s unique pace.
Professional Guidance
Expert educators offering continuous assessment and personalized feedback for individual growth.
Interactive Learning
Engaging online platform with activities and games for enjoyable and effective learning.

Concepts & Skills

Master the core skills of reading, writing, grammar, spelling, comprehension, and vocabulary. These foundational abilities empower effective communication, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning. Building strong literacy skills is the key to academic success and personal growth, laying the foundation for a bright future.
Develop essential numeracy skills encompassing number recognition, counting, basic operations, number sense, measurement, and pattern recognition. These foundational skills lay the groundwork for mathematical proficiency, critical problem-solving, and a confident understanding of numerical concepts, fostering academic success and a lifelong appreciation for mathematics.

Inclusive Homeschooling Program

Tailored for Every Child
Our inclusive homeschooling programs are meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of learners with special requirements. Backed by a team of dedicated educators and support staff, we provide a nurturing environment that fosters growth, confidence, and a love for learning. Explore our comprehensive curriculum, engage in interactive activities, and embark on a transformative educational journey with us.

Homeschooling with SpEd@home

The Foundational Literacy & Numeracy Program is crucial for early skill development, fostering confidence, and instilling a love for learning. Tailored to individual styles, it supports cognitive growth, prevents gaps, and engages parents. This comprehensive approach ensures a strong foundation, preparing students for academic success and cultivating a passion for continuous learning and essential skills.
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Homeschooling with SPEED 2.0

Learning Management System
Experience the future of education with our innovative Learning Management System – SPEED 2.0, tailored for our homeschooling program. Seamlessly blending technology with personalized learning, our LMS empowers students with interactive lessons, real-time progress tracking, and collaborative tools, fostering a dynamic and engaging educational experience.
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Faster Assessments
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Learning Resources
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Worksheets & Activities
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Medical Conditions Assessed

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